The Marketer’s Guide to Best Email Marketing Platforms of 2021


Here’s how to select the best email marketing platform for your company’s needs. An in-depth look at email marketing service providers and marketing automation companies.

This free EMP buyer’s guide is for business owners who want to enhance customer experience with email marketing campaigns and automate or outsource marketing activities.

How will this guide be of assistance to you?

Email marketing is still one of the most successful ROI platforms.
Many companies are now deploying Marketing Automation to improve relevance through automated personalized messaging across the lifecycle. But, with so many options, where do you begin when looking for the best match for your company?

This free EMP buyer’s guide provides you with a thorough examination of the key features of alternative email and marketing automation systems, as well as recommendations based on specific needs.

Here is what you will find in this buyer’s guide:

  • A current overview, introduction, and trends of the EMP market.
  • Standard and AI-Enabled Features of EMPs.
  • A list of top EMP profiles based on user feedback and analytical data of product performance.
  • Market Research & Analysis, Methodology & Evaluation Parameters of Top EMPs.
  • A list of EMPs to be considered based on company size and their requirements (SML)
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